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Roller Skating Party‎

Roller Skating Party‎ | Great Time Skate - Houston, TX

At Great Time Skate, in Houston, TX, we are open four nights a week for you to enjoy open skating on our roller skating rink. We even set aside Thursday nights for Family Night.

Come enjoy our large roller rink with your friends and family as you listen to our fun music that will have you wanting to skate all day. You can even request a song from our DJ! He’ll be more than happy to play your family-friendly song request. When you need a break from skating, enjoy a tasty snack or treat from our snack bar. We doubt you’ll be there long though, since you’ll have had such a good time skating that you’ll want to quickly get back on the rink!

But what if you want to skate with us outside of the times we offer open skating and Family Night? You can book a roller skating party with us!

We rent out the roller rink on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for birthday parties, corporate events, or any one of your party needs. Or, maybe you even want to make your graduation party more fun and a memorable experience for everyone involved. If so, Great Time Skate is the place for you!

We offer many services and can customize each so that we can meet your needs in a professional and affordable manner. Whether you want to host a party with a few people or you want to host a party with a few hundred, Great Time Skate is dedicated to making your party a success. Our large roller rink with maple flooring provides a smooth surface for anyone skating during your roller skating party.

Please give us a call today to book your next roller skating party. One of our friendly and helpful staff members will be more than happy to provide you with all of the information you need, and will answer any questions you have about making your roller skating party a success. We look forward to having you come skate with us!

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